Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

The website is managed by Fitaihi Retail Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which carries out its commercial activity in the name of Fitaihi Retail Company and it is a company that was duly established under the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it holds a commercial license number 4030174452 and its address is PO Box 2606 Jeddah 21641, and referred to as "Fitaihi Jewelry", and the website is provided for the purpose of personal use, subject to observance of these terms and conditions and any other rules we post on the site (including, the privacy policy) (“Terms and Conditions”).

These Terms of Use and all additional policies and conditions (if applicable) on the website state the conditions that we provide for you to enter and use the site, services and applications, collectively referred to as “services.” You can see all additional policies and terms from here www.fitaihionline.com are listed those legal documents by reference to the same terms of use.

Upon your arrival, registration, and / or continued use of the services, you agree to be bound by these terms of use and legal documents with immediate effect.

These Terms of Use and legal documents are subject to change by us at any time. Your continued use of the site after posting any change signifies your acceptance of these terms of use and the modified legal documents.

Registration Conditions

You are entitled to register as a buyer and benefit from the services if you have the following eligibility criteria:

  • To be at the legal age in order to purchase products in your country of residence.
  • To be able to provide an address in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to deliver the products
  • If you are within the age group of less than 18 years, you must inform one of your parents or legal guardian on you of the privacy policy that we pursue before you register to use this site or any of the services provided therein, and you acknowledge and pledge that you have obtained approval from one of the Your parent or legal guardian to purchase the products offered for sale on the website

To register on the site, we will need to provide some information, and your registration on the site will not be accepted if the necessary information has not been provided to us. We have the right to reject any of the registration processes without giving reasons. We also have the right to perform the necessary checks to confirm your identity and registration requirements.

Once the registration is successfully completed, your registration will continue for an indefinite period subject to the possibility of being suspended or canceled.

Please refer to our privacy policy or information regarding how we use your data.

Your Obligations

When you use or access the services, you agree to the following:

  • Your responsibility is to maintain privacy and restrict access to and use of your account and password, and agree to take responsibility for all activities that take place in the name of your account and your password.
  • Agree to notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your password or account or any other breach of the standards for safe use of the site providing complete, true, accurate and current information about yourself and your use of the services as specified by us.
  • Not to disclose to third parties (except as necessary or what is specified by us) the user information provided to you
  • Cooperate with requests from us to obtain additional information regarding your eligibility and use of our services
  • You may not use our trademarks without our prior written consent
  • General Provisions
  • Applicable law: These terms of use and any related non-contractual rights or duties must be subject to and interpreted by the laws applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Dispute Resolution: If you have any problems with our services please contact us. We will work hard to solve your problem as soon as possible. Any disputes or disputes relating to
  • These terms of use, including any related non-contractual rights or obligations, shall be settled by the courts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Third party rights: A person who is not part of these terms of use has no right to enforce any of its terms.
  • Force Majeure: No party assumes responsibility for the existence of loss, damage, delay, or non-performance as a result of actions beyond the control of any of the parties, whether that action is to be expected (such as the judiciary, destiny, and actions of the legislative, judicial, or regulatory authorities of any federal or local government Or judicial authorities, or the actions taken by any of our subcontractors, or any third party supplying goods or services to us, labor unrest, or a complete blackout or economic boycott).
  • Communication: You can communicate with us via e-mail or through our social media sites.
  • Continued entry into force: All provisions stipulated that they remain valid or that apply by nature after the termination of the contract will remain in effect after the termination or suspension of your membership of the site.

Intellectual property

All copyright, trademarks, trade names, commercial appearance, designs, "features" of the website and any other form of intellectual property, materials and other rights related to the website, including software, HTML code and other cups used on the website, page titles or images Or texts, illustrations, layouts, logos, designs, icons, images, programs, music clips, downloads, and video clips in general are intellectual property and they remain at all times the ownership and original right of Fitaihi Jewelry, as it is protected by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and trademark laws and rights International copyright. Intellectual property and all other materials displayed on our website may be accessed, displayed, downloaded, and printed only for personal, non-commercial use, as expressly permitted by Fitaihi Jewelry and / or licensed as third parties by Fitaihi Jewelry, but (1) provided that no amendment or change is made Intellectual property shall in any way, and (2) not provide or provide intellectual property to any third party as a form of trade. You will never acquire any copyright, trademark or other property right in relation to intellectual property. You shall not have any license, right or interest in any materials or programs as an effect of your use of this website or your access to, display, download or print of intellectual property. You may not copy, publish, broadcast, distribute, display, modify or create works derived from any intellectual property materials or from our website or sell them and participate in any sale or exploitation of them in any way, whether in whole or in part. Intellectual property may only be used as a resource for shopping. Any other use of the intellectual property is strictly prohibited, including copying, modifying, distributing, broadcasting, reposting or viewing.

Website availability

You acknowledge that (1) it is technically impossible for the website to be free from errors or defects, and that Fitaihi Jewelry cannot bear any responsibility for that, and (2) these errors or defects may lead to the temporary unavailability of the site, and (3) The operation of the site may be negatively affected due to the circumstances and actions that are outside the control of Fitaihi Jewelry, for example, broadcast and telecommunications links between Fitaihi jewelry and between you and Fitaihi jewelry and other systems and networks.

While Fitaihi Jewelry has tried and is still trying to accurately display the colors and the shape of the products, the actual colors and / or the shape of the products will depend on your screen and the colors may be inaccurate.

Fitaihi Jewelry may at any time, whether temporarily or permanently, modify or block the entire website or part of it in order to perform maintenance and / or improvements and / or changes to the site Fitaihi Jewelry is not responsible for any modification on the website, suspension, and suspension or blocking of the website.

Terms of Sale

The purchase of products through the website is exclusively reserved for parties who can legally enter into contracts on the Internet in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In order to make purchases on the website, you must provide your personal data, including your real name and family name, a valid mobile phone number, a valid email address, payment details, and a valid billing collection address and other required information as scheduled. You also represent and warrant that the payment details you provide are valid, complete and correct, and confirm that you are the person referred to in the billing information provided.

When you order a product (s), you expressly authorize Fitaihi Jewelry to verify your credit card and to transfer, send, or obtain your credit card information or credit reporting information (including any updated information) to or from third parties to verify your identity and verify the health of your credit card and to obtain the initial authorization to use a credit card and / or authorize individual purchases, as we deem necessary. You agree that we may use the personal information you provide for the purpose of conducting the necessary checks to combat fraud and fraud, and that this personal information may be disclosed to a credit authority or anti-fraud and fraud agency, which may keep a record of that information.

Request products

The products offered for sale on the website are subject to acceptance and availability. If, for any reason, we are unable to provide a specific product, we will inform you as soon as possible that your order has been completely canceled.

All applications are subject to acceptance. We reserve the right to reject or cancel the order for any reason, including inaccuracies or errors in the product or pricing information, or that we are unable to obtain permission to collect the price, or because there are restrictions on delivery that apply to a particular piece, or because The requested item does not meet the quality control standards that we apply and is being withdrawn, or because you do not meet the eligibility criteria stipulated in the terms and conditions or due to any other problem we discover.

Fitaihi Jewelry will keep a record of your transactions for at least one year once your order has been placed, you will receive an email containing your order details. This email does not constitute acceptance of your request, rather it is confirmation that we have received your request.

In the event that the order is not canceled, acceptance of your order will be completed when we have completed it. The contract between you and Fitaihi Jewelry will be fulfilled when we send the products to you, and at this moment you will receive a second email to confirm that your order has been sent and accordingly, the sales contract is entered into in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and the language of the contract is Arabic. It is not the authority of the payment processor who represents a third party that we use and the transportation companies that we recommend accepting an application on behalf of Fitaihi Jewelry.

We may refuse to process a transaction for any reason, and we may also refuse to transmit to anyone at any time at our sole and absolute discretion. We will not be responsible to you or any third party for our withdrawal of any product from the website, whether or not this product was sold or sold, nor do we bear any responsibility for our deletion, testing, audit, or editing of any material or content on the website, or our refusal Treatment of a transaction, or the revocation or suspension of any transaction after the initiation of the treatment process.

We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of all the details provided on the website, however we may from time to time discover errors in product prices. In the event that we detect an error in the price of a product included in your order, we will notify you as soon as possible.

We will not be obligated to accept or fulfill an order for a product that has been advertised at an incorrect price, and we reserve the right to cancel this order that has already been accepted or is on its way to you. In the event that you order a product with a wrong price, we will send an email to you or call you to inform you that we have not accepted your order and / or that your order has been canceled. In the event that you have already paid for the product (s), we will refund the full amount as soon as we can. In the event that these products are returned to you, we will process the refund to you as soon as we receive the products.

By confirming your purchase at the end of the order processing, this is your agreement to accept and pay the full amount due for the product (s) as set out in your order, including any delivery charges that apply to this order.